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Me and my first 8′ x 12′ house design, Tumbleweed.
My first loft design.
Tumbleweed Floor Plan
After 5 years in Tumbleweed, I built and moved into this 6′ x 10′ house.
Several years later, I built the Gifford. It’s 7′ x 16′. I called it home for 7 years.
In 2018, I built Nuf. It cost less than $5,000 in materials. Unlike my previous tiny homes, it has no bathroom or kitchen. I still live here.
I’ve designed a few villages comprised of houses of 400sf and smaller. I have yet to see one built.
The Beavan in NYC. I didn’t live in this one. I designed them for someone else. The same goes for the following 2 houses.
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